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What Can Auto Mechanics Teach Us About Mental Health?


We have all experienced car trouble before: You are driving down the road, and all of a sudden your car is making an odd noise, and it starts to feel unsafe to keep driving. Or worse, you get into your car, turn the ignition keys, and nothing happens. The car won’t start and you are stranded.

During these unfortunate situations, you become desperate for help from an auto mechanic. It’s a good thing you have a trusted, certified auto mechanic, who will get you back on the road in no time!

Unless, of course, you are like me and you don’t have an auto mechanic available that day, that you trust to do a quality repair. A mechanic who knows your car well and can quickly diagnose the problem to get it running at full capacity again.

We can use this car maintenance analogy to understand the importance of managing your mental health. Don’t wait until you are in crisis, having a panic attack, nervous breakdown, or overwhelmed with stress to find a mental health professional. Many therapists have waiting lists for new clients. Plus, you want a well-informed therapist that has already established a positive rapport with you so you can reach out during a mental health crisis. You want a therapist who already knows you and can help you work through intense emotions.

Just as you maintain your car with routine oil changes, safety inspections, alignments, tire rotations, brake checks, etc, you should maintain your mind and mental health with routine therapy sessions to process difficult thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Taking care of a car is not convenient or fun for most people but it is a high priority because we depend on our vehicles every day. Don’t you think it’s just as important, or even more crucial to prioritize your overall mental health, since we depend on our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors every waking second? We depend on mental clarity to improve our relationships, family dynamics, job performance, friendships, problem-solving skills, stress management, worries, fears, and self-esteem.

Life is tough, and unfortunately hardships will occur. Invest in yourself. You deserve it, and you owe it to yourself to find a professional who can help you through those tough times before they appear.

If you are ready to invest in your mental health and want a committed, licensed professional on your team, contact me today to set up an appointment.

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